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This 2 Km Trail In BC Takes You To A Suspension Bridge Over Rushing Water

You need to see the graffiti-covered train ruins on this trail!

Summer is the perfect time to go on a hike. So put on your hiking shoes; it's time to go on an adventure! This incredible hiking trail in British Columbia will take you along a suspension bridge over rushing water, and past train ruins abandoned in a forest.

The Train Wreck Trail is near the Cheakamus River just south of Whistler, British Columbia. It's only a 1 hour and 30-minute drive from Vancouver and is a must-see hike in the province. The trail is open year round and is perfect for all levels of hikers.

The easy 2 km hiking trail follows the Sea To Sky Trail that links the Squamish waterfront, the Pacific Ocean and the snow covered mountains in the north. As the name would imply, Train Wreck Trail will take you to the wreckage of a train derailment in 1956.

The abandoned boxcars are one of the most unique spots in Whistler. Amongst the giant trees, you can find the boxcars that have been painted over the years with colourful graffiti and have become a tourist attraction.

Touring this spot feels like an art gallery, as you explore the train ruins layered with graffiti over the years. You'll want to make sure to bring a camera, as it is a great photo spot.

Previously hikers used to cross the train tracks across the Cheakamus River illegally, but since 2016 there is a suspension bridge that connects the trail to the train wreckage site. Today you can follow the hiking path and cross the suspension bridge over the rushing water of the Cheakamus River before reaching the train ruins.

Train Wreck Trail

Price: Free

When: Open all year

Address: Whistler Quarry Rd, Whistler, British Columbia

Why you need to go: You can cross a suspension bridge over rushing water to find graffiti-covered train ruins.