Your parents or grandparents might have gotten to experience the craziness of Woodstock in the '60s, but there's a hippie festival coming to Georgia that's one for the books. There will be blinding rainbow costumes, flower crowns galore, too many peace signs to keep track of and plenty of groovy vibes. 

Hippie Fest, a music and arts festival, is hitting Dawsonville for the first time ever. Only a select number of states will get to experience this one-of-a-kind festival and Georgia is one of few stops on this nationwide tour.  

This is the prime place to bring out your beloved tie-dyes, John Lennon-esque glasses, and fringe vests. If you're running low on hippie gear, you can hit up one of the many vendors who will be there. All vendors have a bohemian theme, so you're sure to find the most unique pieces. 

You'll be able to go home with a bag full of goodies, but you'll also be able to experience a little something from from the eclectic mix of vendors. There's everything from intuitive tarot readings, massages and energy cleansing healers, so you can leave feeling newly aligned. 

You'll really start feeling the love and light in the afternoon during the live music and entertainment. After you hit the tipsy-hippy bar, everyone will be up on their feet, so be sure you're in your comfiest shoes (or barefoot to really get in tune). 

The afternoon wouldn't be complete without vintage VWs galore. You'll be surrounded by them and hundreds of other perfectly themed photo ops. 

Hippie Fest runs from noon to 7 p.m. each day. The best part is that even after the festival ends, you can camp overnight.  Even though we have a few months before its arrival, tickets are on sale now!

In preparation for the giant fest, you can party hard at Afropunk Festival, Alchemy Burn, and Imagine Fest while you wait. 

Hippie Fest 

Price: $10-30 

When: Mar. 14 & 15

Address: 125 Bannister Rd., Dawsonville, GA 30534

Why You Need To Go: There will be nothing but good vibrations and smiles all around during this two-day festival.