Have you ever wanted to be transported to a magical new world? There's a Hobbit house in Washington's countryside that feels like a doorway to another realm.

If you're a JRR Tolkein and The Lord of The Rings fan, consider this your dreams manifested. 

This cozy, earth house is the perfect place to unplug and can accommodate up to two people. It features a small bedroom, bathroom, and tiny living space with a fire. You can cozy up with local coffee, tea, hot chocolate and scones that are provided. 

Since the home is nestled into the Columbia River Gorge, you'll only have the rolling hills beside you, or an occasional deer, rabbit or a bird for company. 

The house has rustic furnishings and is even fitted with the iconic round door — made from an upcycled spool, from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

Although there's central heating and hot water, there's no kitchen, television or Wi-Fi at this spot. So, you can get back to nature and unwind. It's even pet-friendly!

According to the host's guidebook, there's also a market, a BBQ steakhouse, a teriyaki bistro and a pizza place nearby if you get hungry. 

The hillside-home in Orondo, Washington is open year-round. Since it's so popular, we recommend you book your stay in advance.

Come spring, you can see the gorge burst into color, thanks to the wildflower blooms. Snow is likely from December to March, so you'll need to make sure you're wheels are 4-wheel or an all-wheel drive. 

You can't drive up the hill though. Your weekend's nature retreat begins with a steep, 100-yard hike to the hobbit hole — guests recommend using hiking poles, or even a branch or two to support you on your journey to Washington's Shire. Yak tracks are provided for the walk up the hill.

Whether you're a Tolkien fan or just someone looking to snuggle up to nature and unplug, an incredible adventure awaits in this almost Middle-Earth hangout. 

Underground Hygge

Price Per Night: $200

Neighborhood: Orondo, Washington

Why You Need To Go: Live like a hobbit for the day and escape to Washington's spectacular countryside. 

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