Holi season is finally here, meaning warmer weather will be met with lots of cultural celebration and vibrant colors. The popular Hindu festival is celebrated all over the world to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with open arms. This Holi festival in North Carolina is going to be an explosion of culture, community, love and all the colors.

Originating in India, Holi festivals are celebrated worldwide to show appreciation for the blossoming of spring. As the cold weather trails off and the flowers bloom, these community gatherings symbolize the spread of love, togetherness and happiness.

This popular party has made its way to the Western world and you can join the fun right here in Durham. On March 28, Viceroy Indian restaurant will be throwing its 4th annual Holi Festival in Durham Central Park.

Viceroy is an Indian fusion spot that serves classic dishes with a twist in an old-fashioned English tavern.

This Holi frenzy is an open invitation for all to come together and enjoy food and drink, socialize and spread all the love.

One of the most iconic parts of a Holi fest is an interactive "color fight." Guests can join in on a blast of flamboyant, colored powders exploding into the air.

You may want to wear something you don't mind getting messy because these non-toxic powders will definitely make their way onto your skin and clothes.

Don't worry about bringing your own colored powders - the organizers will provide FDA- approved colors and advises Holi-goers to not bring any outside powders for everyone's safety. 

After dancing the day away to some Bollywood tracks and getting active in the color fight, you might find yourself working up an appetite.

You can expect to indulge in the delicious fare offered by Viceroy at the on-site pop-up.

4th Annual Holi Festival in Durham

Price: Free

When: March 28

Address: 335 W. Main St., Durham, NC

Why You Need To Go: Celebrate springtime and Hindu culture with an immersive, colorful festival full of love and joy.