Holiday Brows Are Trending In Canada Right Now And They're Festive AF

This trend is perfect for your holiday parties!

The Christmas eyebrow trend is back for 2018. Now that the holiday season is underway, beauty gurus have been sharing pictures of their eyebrows looking very festive.

Last year the Christmas tree eyebrows were all over Instagram, and this year they are trending again. As of now, try searching for #christmastreebrows on Instagram, and you'll come up with more than 500 photos. Move over squiggle or feather brows, Christmas tree brows are the new weird eyebrow trend will leave you speechless!

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Instagram user @taytay_xx is credited for starting the trend last year, by posting a photo of herself with her eyebrows waxed to look like branches and decorated with babbles and stars.

She even created a short tutorial video that shows just how simple this look is to recreate at home. All it takes is some wax, an eyebrow brush, concealer, and colourful glitter and stars to decorate! 

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Now Christmas tree eyebrows are taking many forms, either being waxed into a green tree shape, covered in green glitter and decorated with babbles, or even having Christmas lights drawn to weave around the brows. To complete the look many beauty experts add a  star like you would find on top of a Christmas tree and it's totally adorable! 

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While, for most people, the idea of holiday makeup is red lips and some sparkly eyeshadow, Christmas tree eyebrows are a bold look for your Christmas party. Love it or hate it, expect to be seeing plenty of Christmas tree brows on your Instagram feed this holiday season.