Netflix Canada's New Christmas Movie Has Pretty Much Nothing To Do With The Holidays

It stars Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis.
Holiday in the Wild Starring Rob Lowe

Halloween hasn't even passed yet and Netflix Canada is already thinking about Christmas. While there are definitely some mixed reviews about this, unless you're the Grinch, a little part of you is happy to see all of this holiday content. After releasing all of their scary movies in honour of Halloween, Netflix jumped right into the holiday spirit. Holiday in the Wild starring Rob Lowe is an unexpected Christmas movie.

Yesterday, Netflix Canada released its lineup of Christmas movies which got so many fans excited. Starting November 1, Netflix will release so many Originals that you won't want to make any plans for the holiday season. The first movie they're releasing is Holiday in the Wild, which is unlike any Christmas movie you've seen. 

Holiday in the Wild stars Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) and Rob Lowe (The Outsiders) who meet when New Yorker Kate gets stood up by her husband on a trip to Africa. She decides to stay and meets Derek, who happens to be her pilot. When they take a detour in Zambia, they find something tragic has happened. 

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During their detour, they find an injured orphaned baby elephant that they both decide to nurse back to health. While Kate's trip was supposed to end, she extends it and stays through the holidays. 

We may be able to figure out where this story is going just from the trailer, but Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis sure do make a good looking couple. The movie is set during the holidays, but the plot is much more than that. Pretty much, the only thing Christmasey about Holiday in the Wild is the talk about the holidays. 

It may not be Elf or The Grinch, but most of us are suckers for Christmas movies. Holiday in the Wild will premiere on Netflix on November 1, and following that will be Let It Snow on November 8. 

If you're not into Christmas movies at all, don't worry. Friends and The Office have great holiday episodes that will cure your FOMO. You can view them here. If you're as excited for Netflix's first movie of the season, check out the trailer below!

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