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Holmstead Ranch Resort In Utah Has Cabin Rentals With Dreamy Lake Views

If you're repping #lakelife, then you're probably going to love this accommodation we've found. Holmstead Ranch Resort in Utah has a small cabin community right on a custom-made lake. Some rooms have mountain views ,giving you the best of both worlds. Is this place even real?

This charming cabin rental is located in Central, Utah, and only requires a one-night minimum stay. Prices start at $229 a night with taxes and cleaning fees included. 

Why not plan a BFF getaway with your squad? It's major vacation goals, plus, you can split the cost with three other friends, and save some money.

With a queen-size bed and a double sofa bed, you'll have plenty of room to relax and wind down. There's even a porch for you to enjoy the lake or watch the sunset.

During the day, you can enjoy a variety of activities from swimming and paddleboarding to basketball and more. 

That's not even the best part. Each cabin has access to complimentary WiFi just in case you want to Netflix and chill at night (or whenever, no judgment here).

These lakefront cabins are available to rent year-round, however, they tend to get booked out in advance, so you should plan a trip asap.

During those chilly nights, you'll have access to private fire pits, where you can snuggle and cuddle up to your boo or share spooky campfire stories. 

No matter the case, it looks like your next vacation is planned out for you. Before you leave, make sure you check out the farm's petting zoo.

You'll get to see some stinkin' cute farm animals like goats and alpacas. Either way, a mini-vacation sounds pretty darn good right about now. 

Holmstead Ranch Resort Cabins

Price per night: From $229/one-night minimum stay

Address: 1000 Holmstead Ranch Rd., Central, UT

Why you need to go: You can stay at a lakefront cabin and enjoy an array of activities while you're on vacation. 

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These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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