Another one of our favourite classic films will be getting a remake which is exciting news for big fans of the holiday movie. The new movie coming to Disney+ will star Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper, and Archie Yates. If you have mixed emotions about the film, you're not alone because the Home Alone reboot has Twitter users angrily addressing exactly why it doesn't work in our day and age.   

The plot of the original film is built on the fact that advanced technology didn't exist back in 1990 and that communication was easily disrupted.

Of course, Kevin didn't have a cell phone to quickly make a call or, since kids these days dislike talking on the phone, send a text to his mom to let her know she totally forgot him.

His mom Kate had to hunt down a payphone and hitch a ride with strangers in order to get back home. But today, she would most likely have an iPhone with Uber installed, making that a lot quicker and easier. 

That's exactly the point that some people are making as they're saying that the premise of the film could be ended with a quick text message. 

One user wrote, "The Home Alone reboot is going to be so anticlimactic because every kid above 4 years old has a cell phone now."

Another person basically rewrote the plot of the new film writing, "Because they're rich, Kevin's parents arrange for a Lyft to pick him up from home and venmo him airfare to catch up with the rest of the family in Paris. #HomeAlone doesn't need a remake because it doesn't work in our time."

This user also wrote out what the script would look like too.

Another hot-take includes this person's thoughts about a plot "where Kevin posts about being home alone on Instagram and then his parents go to jail."

Other Twitter users simply have hilarious recommendations about how to keep Macaulay Culkin, who's now 39 years old, in the remake.

The movie is coming whether we like it or not, and it seems like these few people really don't like the idea at all.

This user wrote that "They shouldn’t reboot timeless classics but this is what happens when they run out of ideas".

Another person recommended that "They should create their own classics. Nobody saying they can't create child left alone at home -- call it something else. Do something different".

The Home Alone reboot will start filming in Montreal early next year and production is scheduled to finish in April.

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