People Are Lining Up To Shop At HomeSense In Ontario & They Brought Lawn Chairs (VIDEO)

Winners is also attracting massive crowds.
HomeSense Reopening In Ontario Had Huge Lines & People Brought Lawn Chairs (PHOTOS)

It looks like residents across the province really missed HomeSense. Huge lines were spotted outside multiple locations of the home furnishings chain since they resumed in-store shopping this week. HomeSense's reopening in Ontario even had people bringing out their lawn chairs to endure the lines.

HomeSense, Winners, and Marshalls opened their doors across the province on Wednesday morning, and it looks like shoppers were eager to get their hands on some goods.  

Since multiple stores opened their doors at 11 a.m., videos have appeared on social media to show just how long these lines really were. One of the more notable crowded shops was the HomeSense on Wonderland Road in London, Ontario. 

Multiple photos appeared to showcase a long line of people that stretched all the way down the sidewalk. 

One user even claims that some shoppers brought lawn chairs to help endure the wait. Now that's dedication! 

"Line almost reaching The Home Depot on Wonderland Rd here in #ldnont for @HomeSenseCanada 99.9% woman 😂. (Lines also long for winners/marshalls) Even Woman in lawnchairs. Hoping at some point I can get in," one user wrote.

The same thing was seen at a Winners location in Windsor-Essex. The winding line of shoppers was so long that it extended around the building.

"Welp, it seems like Windsor-Essex also missed shopping at @WINNERS," wrote one user who captured the line to the popular discount clothing store.  

Another user posted a photo of a line at the London HomeSense location, showing the line reach all the way down the sidewalk and past two other stores. 

"HomeSense and winners reopening on wonderland road... Yikes," they wrote. 

The massive crowds were spotted after some Canadians expressed how much they miss their favourite clothing and home furnishing stores. 

Hilarious TikToks have even popped up on the internet of people expressing their longing for the department stores to reopen. 

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