Trudeau Offered To Answer 'Tough' Homework Questions Via Twitter & Things Got Awkward

You can tweet the Prime Minister for homework help!
Trudeau Offered To Answer 'Tough' Homework Questions Via Twitter & Things Got Awkward
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Need help with math? Don’t worry, the prime minister has got your back! On Sunday, Justin Trudeau addressed students across Canada and promised to help them with their homework. To get homework help from Trudeau, all you have to do is use the hashtag #CanadaHomeworkHelp, or reach out to him via Twitter.

If you’ve got a pesky question on your science paper or are struggling with a particular aspect of your algebra work, help is on hand! 

On Sunday, Trudeau committed to helping Canadian students get their homework done, by offering his own services via social media. However, things got a little awkward.

In a video shared to Twitter, the prime minister explained, “I know we're all going through a difficult time right now and it's not made any easier by the fact that you have to do your homework around the kitchen table.”

He continued, “Well, as a teacher, I want to help.”

Trudeau went on to ask anybody struggling with homework to reach out to him via social media, or by using the hashtag #CanadaHomeworkHelp.

When he worked as a teacher, he taught French and math, so he could be particularly useful if you’re struggling with either of those subjects!

“My friends and I will be happy to try to help because after all, the way we're going to get through this is by pulling together," the PM added.

Despite the former teacher's best efforts, not everybody was impressed with his offer.

Some people were quick to ask some pretty tough questions indeed.

One Canadian responded to ask, "If Justin has 15 scandals and the Liberal Party has 20 scandals, how many scandals do they have together? "

While another tweeted, "My grandson is doing a project on the worst PM in the history of #cdnpoli would you give him an interview?"

However, despite some negative responses to Trudeau's post, the overall reaction was generally positive.

Several Twitter users praised the prime minister for attempting to communicate with Canada's students during the pandemic, which he has done on several occasions.

Last month, he answered several kids' questions about COVID-19 and even publicly responded to an 8-year-old's letter about the disease.

Unfortunately for the Canadian leader, this isn’t the first time his pandemic efforts have gone a little wrong.

At the beginning of April, Trudeau used the words “speaking moistly” when discussing face coverings in Canada, a phrase that he instantly regretted.

Since then, it seems Canadians are unwilling to let the PM get away with such an unfortunate choice of words, as the comment has now been made into a popular song on YouTube, and even into a lip balm!

Despite these small blunders, the PM has been a consistent voice of reassurance for Canadians. He said recently that while we've made great strides in curbing the spread of COVID-19, we must act with care.

Trudeau warned Canadians that if we let go of our measures too soon, our summer could be over before it even starts. 

"I understand how much people do want to go outside. But we need to do it in ways that we are sure are gonna keep people safe," he said last week.

"The last thing people want is a few weeks from now being told 'Ok, we loosened the rules and now COVID's spreading again and you're all gonna have to go inside for the rest of the summer.' People don't want to do that."

From helping with homework to giving us stern warnings, there's no denying that Trudeau has gone into full-blown dad mode.

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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