Northern Ontario Is Going To Be The Hottest Place In Canada This Weekend

Parts of the province will be getting tropical temperatures.
Hottest Place In Canada Will Be In Northern Ontario This Weekend

After the unwelcome May snowfall, some residents of northern Ontario might actually be pulling out their bikinis this weekend. The town of Moosonee, Ontario is expected to hold the title of the hottest place in Canada, with a sizzling 28 C predicted for Sunday. Ontario's weather forecast will be bringing summer-like temperatures across the province. 

The city of Moosonee, Ontario is almost a 20-hour drive farther north than the Golden Horseshoe, but that won't stop them from seeing some sun.

According to The Weather Network, a jet stream pattern of warm air will be travelling north through Ontario which will bring these amazing summer highs. 

With the northern city seeing temperatures almost hitting 30 C, it is predicted to be the warmest place in Canada, even topping British Columbia and Toronto. 

Toronto and other lakeside cities will see cooler temperatures in the mid to low twenties due to the waterfront breeze.  In fact, the 6ix will be one of the coldest places in the region, with highs of 21 C forecasted.We're not complaining, though! After the frigid temperatures and record-breaking snow early last week, the upcoming forecast will be a spectacular change. 

Although conditions will be mostly dry, Tyler Hamilton has noted that this system could also bring periods of rain and cloudy weather along with it. However, sunbeams will be plentiful all week in Toronto and the rest of southern Ontario. 

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Ottawa will also be facing July-like temperatures this week, with a high of 27 C expected on Sunday. 

This puts the capital shortly behind Moosonee in terms of beautiful weather. 

It looks like the spring weather that Ontario will be hit with this weekend might be here to stay. 

According to Toronto's 14-day forecast, temperatures are expected to stay around 20 C for the next two weeks. 

However, despite the warmer weather, you might want to hold onto your umbrella, as rain will be hitting the city for most of next week.

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