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Lakeside Palace For Sale In BC Has Its Own Private Beach For Drinking Piña Coladas

Tropical escape, all day every day.🍹⛱️

Why settle for one? For those of you in the market for a new place to live, or just love to browse, you need to see this house for sale in B.C. There is a modern lakeside place for sale that comes with a bonus beach house and it's the closest you can get to a tropical paradise in Canada.

Forget dreaming about when you can find the time off work to fly somewhere for that beach vacation you so desperately need. Instead, if you were to move into this West Kelowna house, every day is a beach day.

Located on a picturesque beach, you can spend all your free time enjoying the good life. Only a few feet from the house, you can take a seat right next to the water on the sandy shore and sip piña coladas.

Plus, unlike trips you've done in the past, here you won't need to deal with the enormous crowds of tourists. You'll have this slice of paradise all to yourself.

The sprawling 4294 square foot building main dwelling has everything you could possibly need. There are four bedrooms, each with luxurious ensuite bathrooms.

Meanwhile, the open concept main living area is not only spacious but has gorgeous lake views. If you love to cook, you'll quickly fall in love with the modern kitchen with a large island and waterfall countertops.

house for sale in bc

Just steps from the living room, you can also exit to a large covered living area. The space is unreal, with glass walls so you can see the water, and there is even an outdoor fireplace to keep you toasty.

There are so many rooms inside; you might not know what to do with them all. For example, there is a bar, gym, two recreation rooms, plus all the bonus outdoor living spaces.

house for sale in bc

Outside you'll also be able to relax in your private beach house. If you live with a partner who snores every night, you can kick them out here for a quiet sleep. Just a few feet from the water, it is a stunning two-level structure with huge windows.

Or if you love to get on the water, it also comes with a long dock.

house for sale in bc

This permanent tropical escape might not be in your affordability zone, but then again, what B.C. real estate is? The house is listed at $3,695,000.

Beach Getaway

Price: $3,695,000

Address: 2331 Campbell Rd., West Kelowna, BC

Description: This huge house comes with a private beach and a beach house too.

house for sale in bc