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There's A 6-Bedroom House For Sale In New Brunswick & It Costs Less Than $45K (PHOTOS)

There's a whole acre of land included, too!

Calling all bargain hunters! If you’re looking for a deal worth shouting about, a big move should be on the cards. There’s a house for sale in New Brunswick that has six bedrooms and is situated on one acre of land, and it’s on the market for less than $45,000. Who said affordable homes had to be tiny?!

Getting on the property ladder can definitely seem impossible, especially if you’re spending all your money on expensive monthly rent.

However, if you’re prepared to put in a little hard work, you can find some incredible properties on the Canadian housing market, and they cost so much less than you might expect.

For less than $50,000, you could assume that a property would be super small, super untidy, and in need of some serious work. However, there’s sometimes an exception to that rule.

Over in New Brunswick, there’s a huge house for sale right now, and it’s unexpectedly affordable. Listed at just $43,200, it doesn't get much cheaper than this!

With two floors, six bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living area, a cute kitchen and a whole acre of land up for grabs, this Dundee home is an absolute steal for anybody on a budget.

If you’ve been looking for mega-cheap homes for sale in Canada, prepare to be inspired!

According to the property’s listing, this huge building is located on a one-acre property. On the lot, there’s considerable garden space and a massive garage, which can house up to three vehicles.

On the main floor, there’s a spacious eat-in kitchen, a cozy living room, a bathroom/laundry area, and two bedrooms.

On the second floor, there’s an additional two bedrooms, as well as an upstairs apartment that has another two bedrooms. 

This means the upstairs space could be rented out separately, or you could use the whole house as a massive six-bedroom mini-mansion. 

At least there’s plenty of space for visitors!

While the listing doesn’t give too much information about the condition of the property, it looks pretty good.

Some of the rooms could do with a splash of paint and some minor upgrades, but there’s no obvious red flags given on the listing.

If you’re not yet convinced, check out the sizable tub in the main bathroom, and look at the spaciousness of some of those bedrooms!

This 2,428-square-foot home has so much potential, and it’s a real bargain for anybody who wants plenty of bang for their buck!

Costing just $43,200, it’s got to be one of the cheapest (and biggest!) property opportunities in Canada.

6-Bedroom Bargain

Price: $43,200

Address: 29 Malenfant Rd., Dundee, NB

Description: All this huge house needs is a bit of love and TLC, and it could become your dream home. For less than $45,000, what more could you possibly want?!

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