This is a real estate opportunity like no other. There’s a house for sale in Nova Scotia that has five bedrooms, a huge garden and a staircase directly down to the beach. If that wasn’t enough, this extraordinary cottage costs less than $85,000. Who knew beachside living could be so affordable?

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of waves crashing, and enjoying panoramic views of turquoise waters, look no further.

Situated on Nova Scotia’s Freeport Harbour, this gorgeous property has one of the best locations in the neighbourhood.

With a huge yard and extraordinary views of the water, the staircase directly down to the beach makes this spot an ocean lover's paradise. 

If you aren’t already daydreaming of spending your summers kayaking on the waves, and sunbathing with views of the ocean, just imagine the picnics you could enjoy on your own secluded stretch of grassy beach.

This is island living at its finest, and it’s hard to believe that this mini-paradise comes with such an affordable price tag.

While in Toronto and Vancouver you can expect to pay over $1 million for a much smaller, city-centric home, here you can have your own slice of heaven for just $82,000.

If the location and surroundings of this place weren't enough, the sheer size of the property is equally impressive.

The home has five bedrooms and a sizeable bathroom, as well as a laundry area, a living room and a huge kitchen; you won't be short on space here.

The interior of the property does need some work, which is hardly surprising for a house this cheap.

That said, it's nothing that a splash of paint, some new flooring and a whole lot of determination can't fix.

Don’t worry too much about the renovations needed in this home though, as the listing notes that there’s been several new updates recently.

There’s brand new windows in the front of the house, a new electrical panel with upgrades to the wiring, and a new front door, too.

Beachside homes in Nova Scotia are apparently relatively affordable, and you can even nab your own private island!

Maybe it's time for a move to Canada's Ocean Playground?

Bargain Beachside Paradise

Price: $82,000 

Address: 209 Water St., Freeport, NS

Description: With priceless views but an affordable price tag, this waterfront property is almost impossible to resist!

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