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This Nova Scotia House Made The New York Times' List Of Most Popular Listings

217 acres and a view of the Atlantic Ocean please!

Looking at beautiful houses you could never afford is a favourite pastime for many. And a lot of people seem to be interested in a particular oceanfront house in Atlantic Canada. This house for sale in Nova Scotia made the list of most popular properties and is so breathtaking you'll want to move there right now. 

Located in East Jeddore, Nova Scotia, this massive house was one of the most viewed listings on The New York Times’ Find a Home site in September. That's not a shocker because this house truly is incredible. 

The New York Times calls this house a "Jewel in the Landscape" because of its remoteness, huge lot and, of course, the breathtaking view. 

This four-bedroom, three-bath house is right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and has spectacular views of the water from basically every room in the house thanks to floor to ceiling windows. 

The oceanfront property was built back in 2013 on 217 acres of land. If you lived in this house you'd be surrounded by nature on all sides with the ocean to the south and forest all around.

But this picturesque house comes with a hefty price tag. It's listed for $1,899,000 which is a lot but waking up to the sun rising over the Atlantic might be worth all that cash. 

Plus the house has a lot to offer. 

On top of the four bedrooms and three bathrooms, there are multiple driveways with a detached garage, access to the ocean, a walkout basement, two decks, a massive skylight, and it's completely modernized inside. 

According to the listing, the house has also "solid construction built to withstand hurricanes and all the sea can throw at it."

If that's not enough to make you want to pack your bags and move in right now, the house also does its part for the environment. 

And there are huge solar panels on top of a storage container on the property that was built to "capture passive solar energy, high above the sea."

If you, like the majority of us, don't have almost $2 million to spend on a house, looking at the pictures and pretending you live there will suffice. 

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