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Mini Mansion For Sale In PEI Has A Private Beach & Is Cheaper Than A City Condo (PHOTOS)

Pack your bags, we're moving to Spud Island!

Pack your bags, a move to P.E.I. could be on the cards! If you’re looking for a mini mansion on a budget, look no further. There’s a house for sale in P.E.I. that’s located on a beachside, and it’s cheaper than most downtown city condos. With lake views, three storeys and a staircase down to the golden sand, it doesn’t get much better than this.

This Prince Edward Island property is located just outside of Montague, in a place where “beautiful meets peace and tranquility on the Brudenell River.”

The home has been designed to maximise views from every angle, and is perfect for anybody who dreams of a life beside the water.

Just steps away from the beach, the mini mansion has a direct staircase that leads from the property down to the white sands. Here, there’s 170 feet of water frontage to enjoy, which is just for you, and you alone!

The back yard is also set up to make the most of the property's extraordinary surroundings, with a deck that looks out onto the water.

If all of that wasn't enough, this home is beautifully decorated inside and is fully equipped with modern amenities and brand new features.

According to the listing, the house is “finished with top quality products on 3 levels.”

Photos show modern decor throughout the waterside property, and huge windows that make the most of the scenic surroundings.

There’s three bedrooms and three bathrooms here too, as well as a huge kitchen and dining space.

Undoubtedly, however, the best thing about this huge property is the impressive price. You can get so much for your money here!

Listed for just $839,900, this beachside mini mansion costs less than many downtown city houses, and even some condos. 

With beautiful decor, stunning views and an impressive price point, what's not to love?!

Affordable Mini Mansion

Price: $839,900,

Address: 242 Delodder Rd, Montague, PE

Description: With a direct staircase to the beach and panoramic scenic views, this is an water-lover's paradise.

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