Canadian MPs recently joined in for something totally new. The first ever House of Commons virtual sitting took place on April 28. While everyone was tuning in from different places, one Canadian MP's choice to remain in Oklahoma made waves.

Michelle Rempel Garner, the Conservative member of Parliament for Calgary-Nose Hill, travelled to the United States prior to the border closure, according to a report from the Toronto Star.

She told the paper that she had chosen to go to Oklahoma with her husband on an "unexpected and urgent private personal matter."

Rempel Garner also said that she has been in contact with the Conservative Party whip, and has been told to work remotely.

While she noted that the border closure hasn't exactly left her stranded in the United States, she is waiting to travel until she is advised to do so by the party whip.

"I did not travel to the U.S. purposely to be with my family during the COVID-19 crisis, "Rempel told the Star, "I have never allowed my personal life to interfere with my service to my community."

The MP faced a wave of criticism on Twitter for her decision to stay outside of Canada during the major health crisis.

"So when Rempel was scolding Sloane for his racist remarks, she mentioned how inconvenient his racism was, at a time when she was fighting so hard for 'her community'.Turns out the "community" she was referring to was somewhere around Tulsa," wrote @CountFloyd2020.

"Can Rempel legally work while living in the USA without a green card & will she be declaring her earnings to the US gov. for work performed in the USA? I'm sure if any other federal government employee was in her position they would be required to take an unpaid leave of absence," wrote @zendenmassageca.

Rempel Garner eventually responded to the Star's report on her Twitter feed.

"I get this type of warfare. The hope it will push me off questioning their disgusting treatment of the workers in the energy sector, their abysmal handling of the COVID crisis and more. But I'm tougher than they are," she tweeted.

"In fact, it makes me want to dig my heels in even more. I won't let up and as always, I will proudly continue fighting for my community, no matter what."

During the virtual sitting, which faced some technical issues, Rempel had to be warned by Speaker Anthony Rota that she could be muted if she spoke over her time.