While Ontario real estate might be expensive, there are some cities in the province where you can score a beautiful house for cheap. If you want to become a homeowner, moving away from the GTA might just help you save your wallet. These houses for sale in Sudbury will make you reconsider your tiny Toronto condo. 

There isn't much bang for your buck in big cities these days, but if you're willing to switch locations, there are better deals on some pretty inviting properties. You can get yourself a full four-bedroom house with your own yard for less than you would pay for a condo in Toronto. If it seems enticing, Ontario has a handful of cities that are actually very affordable to live in if you're looking to finally become a homeowner. 

In fact, according to Zoocasa, some of the cheapest cities to live in across the province include Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Windsor, and Kingston. 

Luckily, Sudbury has a selection of renovated properties for cheap. You might want to start packing your bags because you don't want to miss out on these seriously beautiful homes

Charming 3-Bedroom Gem

Price: $409,900

Address: 199 Riverside Dr., Sudbury, ON

Description: The inside of this bright three-bedroom home is adorable and spacious. It comes with a gorgeous vintage style bathtub and a huge yard for a great price.

[image 5ea276b829e8d93bb4df0888]

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Spacious House With A Backyard Gazebo 

Price: $499,700

Address: 1393 Paquette St., Sudbury, ON

Description: This gorgeous property has a sunroom, a backyard gazebo and over 4,000 square feet of space.

[image 5ea27900729e5e3baca013aa]

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Bright & Airy Home

Price: $549,700

Address: 77 Landreville Dr., Sudbury, ON

Description: This huge four-bedroom home lets in lots of light and has a two-storey foyer.

[image 5ea2134d03024c3bba76db10]

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Secluded 3-Bedroom Home

Price: $479,900

Address: 174 Douglas St., Sudbury, ON

Description: This spacious three-bedroom is surrounded by trees and has a large balcony that is perfect for BBQs or your morning coffee.

[image 5ea27a41729e5e3baca013b1]

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Red Brick Home With A Deck

Price: $334,900

Address: 674 Camelot Dr., Sudbury, ON

Description: This red-brick, open concept home comes with a huge yard and four bedrooms.

[image 5ea30a12729e5e3baca01852]

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Spacious 3-Bedroom Home

Price: $299,700

Address: 333 Albert St., Sudbury, ON

Description: This three-bedroom house is going for under $300,000 and it's totally renovated on the inside. It also has a fabulous deep tub and comes with a fireplace.

[image 5ea277a58669053ba6792ef6]

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Cozy 4-Bedroom Residence

Price: $384,900

Address: 45 Pond Hollow Dr., Sudbury, ON

Description: This four-bedroom home has its own jacuzzi tub and a two-tiered deck.

[image 5ea315f3729e5e3baca01971]

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