James Harden And Russell Westbrook's Dance-Off This Weekend Is Friendship Goals (VIDEOS)

The bromance is real.
James Harden And Russell Westbrook's Dance-Off This Weekend Is Friendship Goals (VIDEOS)

It's no secret that Houston Rockets players James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been friends for years at this point, going back to their young days in Oklahoma City. The two superstars teamed back up this summer with the Rockets, and with the evidence shown at Harden's JHTown Weekend celebration, it's apparent they were straight flexing their friendship on their fans. 

The biggest event of the weekend-long festival was the James Harden & Friends Charity Concert which was packed with special guests including Travis Scott, Meek Mill, and Russell Westbrook. 

If you're lucky enough to have a best friend, you know that feeling when they walk into the room. Your eyes light up, you start cheesing, and then, of course, you challenge each other to a dance-off. Well, that's exactly what happened between Harden and Westbrook.

At the show, Westbrook was introduced to a screaming crowd where he immediately made his way over to Harden and the two were instantly smiling at each other. We just hope we can continue to see this kind of joy from the two buds. No shade to Harden, whose moves are pretty sweet, but let's hope Westbrook teaches his bro something funkier. 

Aside from the duo busting a quick move together, let's focus on Westbrook's outfit, which was lowkey incredible. He came out rocking a white t-shirt tucked into black jeans, Nike sneakers and a flossy man bag that complimented the whole look. Aside from watching their bromance blossom even further over the season, I know Houstonians are going to love taking style tips from our newest fashion icon.

Sports are supposed to spread joy, and it's easy to get so caught up in uber-serious things like scores, playoffs, and injuries. So it's such a breath of fresh air to know that here in Houston, Harden and Westbrook are coming in with a smile on their face, sick dance moves, and dope style. With friends like these, who needs the drama. Let's hope this bromance lasts a lifetime. 

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