You Can Go Ghost Hunting At This Reportedly Haunted Victorian Home In Galveston

It's even spookier at night.
You Can Go Ghost Hunting At This Reportedly Haunted Victorian Home In Galveston

Most of the biggest and most beautiful houses in Texas seem to always host a ghost or two and honestly, we're here for it. 1892 Bishop's Palace is a beautiful historic home in Galveston that are reported to have a few ghosts hanging around. There are tours of the house that are offered during the day but to get the spookiest of experiences, you'll want to go at during one of their full moon tours.

The house was originally built for banker Walter and his wife and Josephine Gresham. With 19th century Victorian architecture, the house has so much beauty to it would be hard for anyone to resist trying to preserve this house. For that reason, people believe that the ghost of Walter Gresham frequently comes to the house to make sure everything is still intact.

With the stormy weather approaching Houston soon, you may want to keep your eye out for Walter, for he is most often "seen" when it rains!

The belief that the house is haunted was furthered by the fact that it has miraculously survived several horrible storms throughout the years. According to a user on, two friends were driving around the house late at night and saw a candle burning from the window. They thought the house might be catching fire and went back to check on the home when they saw that the light was mysteriously gone. The next day the two went back to the house for a tour and saw no signs of a fire anywhere.

Tours of the house are $30 and are only given at 11 a.m. on Saturdays. On select nights they offer full moon tours to those who are looking to up their chances for a ghost encounter. 

The house is located at Bishop’s Palace 1402 Broadway Avenue J Galveston, TX 77550. For more information on the house, you can visit their website here.

1892 Bishop's Palace

Price: $30

Address: 1402 Broadway Avenue J Galveston, TX 77550

Why you need to go: The beautiful Victorian house is said to be haunted with several people claiming to have seen ghosts roaming around the house. They offer both day and night tours for those who are brave enough to take on the risk of a ghostly encounter.