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41 Magical Date Ideas In Houston According To Your Zodiac Sign

Houston date ideas for every zodiac sign.
41 Magical Date Ideas In Houston According To Your Zodiac Sign

The answer’s in the stars — at least when it comes to that astrology life. If you’re an avid horoscope reader and have already determined that you and bae are zodiac-compatible, then you’ll want to ensure you’re likewise continuing the star-crossed magic with the right kind of dates for your signs.

After all, just grabbing drinks gets old fast — and it isn’t all that enchanting or inspiring. So, to make it easy, we’ve listed the common traits of each zodiac sign, according to, along with a few ideas for an enchanting date night (or day).

You’ll find plenty of pretty cool date ideas here — no matter what month you were born. Let the magic begin.


March 21 – April 19

Traits: Eager, dynamic, quick, competitive

“Aries needs to go where the action is,” says Add in some friendly competition for this fire sign (just let them win), and you’ve got yourself a solid date with the Ram.

Take a swing at TopGolf

Where: 1030 Memorial Brook Blvd.

@auswandernusaembedded via

A day or night out at TopGolf can be super chill — while taking a few spirited swings. And, whether you’re the one giving the golf lesson — or receiving it — it’s a romantic little win-win while staying active for this energetic fire sign.

Play games at PacMan Fever

Where: Joystix Classic Games & Pinballs, 1820 Franklin St.

@chastitydaoembedded via

A gamer’s paradise, Joystix turns the showroom into the ultimate arcade the first and last Friday of every month with more than 200 new and classic games and drinks available at the Eighteen Twenty Lounge next door.

Have a slam-dunk night at Toyota Center

Where: 1510 Polk St.

@houstonrocketsembedded via

As home to the Houston Rockets, this place is a win for a sports-minded night out with a Ram. As one of the largest arenas in the world, the venue also plays host to the nation’s top concerts and touring shows — for another kind of action.

Indulge in a bit of role play at The Escape Hunt Experience

Where: 125 W. Gray St., Ste. 100

@cutefreakembedded via

At this escape-room-inspired adventure, you can be a detective with your partner in crime or help save the Apollo Lunar Mission. This is also great for a group date of likeminded signs.

Keep score at Bowlmor Lanes

Where: 925 Bunker Hill Rd.

@bowlmorlanesembedded via

With 39 nightclub-inspired lanes and dynamic video walls, this bowling alley puts a modern spin on good, old-fashioned fun while indulging that inner competitor.


April 20 – May 20

Traits: Strong, dependable, sensual, creative

Taurus likes tradition, according to But, quality is everything to the Bull. That said, fine wining and dining is a surefire way to their often foodie-driven heart. Even a comedy club will do the trick to lighten the mood, but you will need to follow up that laughing matter with a seriously good dinner.

Be a foodie at The Pass & Provisions

Where: 807 Taft St.

@jonsnoosembedded via

It’s the best of both foodie worlds at this dual-concept place that offers casual, but still amazing, eating at Provisions and fine dining at The Pass. Whether you go for the relaxed menu of modernized classics at the former, or an adventurous five- or eight-course menu at the latter, it’s a win-win.

Pretend you’re chefs at Well Done Cooking Classes

Where: 2811 Airline Dr., Ste. 5

@welldoneccembedded via

Date night is looking pretty delicious with this company that specializes in a host of culinary classes as well as special date-night series. Both their Fundamentals and Techniques series will have you ready to host your own dinner party in no time.

Go cuckoo for cocoa at Cacao & Cardamom

Where: 5000 Westheimer Rd., Ste. 602

@aizawa.yuiembedded via

Chocolate is always a good idea — especially when it’s infused with exotic, gourmet flavors from Chef Annie Rupani’s South Asian background and world travels. The edible art pieces come in a variety of flavors — think Szechuan peppercorn, chamomile vanilla, garam masala pistachio, black sesame ginger, cardamom (of course), and so many more.

Have a laugh at Station Theater

Where: 1230 Houston Ave.

@trixiloquiesembedded via

Get on the laugh track at an improv show here or late-night comedy — after dinner and drinks. There’s even a David Bowie mural outside, so you can document your date night together for the ‘gram.


May 21 – June 20

Traits: Versatile, expressive, curious, kind

“People-watching is a favorite sport for Gemini,” says But, this sign is also a big kid at heart. After all, the zodiac symbol is Peter Pan. So, nostalgia and quirk is a shoo-in, too. Have fun being 10 again.

Channel your inner child at Truck Yard Houston

Where: 2118 Lamar St.

@bitesandstampsembedded via

It’s an adult playground here with the beer garden surrounded by funky tree houses, food trucks, and a Ferris wheel, too.

People watch at Kemah Boardwalk

Where: 215 Kipp Ave., Kemah

@lizlizbethlizembedded via

Take a short road trip to the coastal theme park, where there’s so much people-watching to keep you entertained you won’t even need the thrill of the ride. Of course, the roller coaster will probably be calling the name of your Gemini — the corny dogs and Dippin’ Dots will, too.

Scream for ice cream (and cotton candy) at Aqua S

Where: 9889 Bellaire Blvd., #D232

@sesamimiseedsembedded via

Soft serve wrapped in a cloud of cotton candy is basically a sweet dream — and a gourmet rendition of the popular kids’ treat. Share all the goods at this Aussie import that brings the fluffy-frozen concept all the way from the Land Down Under for a whimsical, Neverland-like treat for your Gemmy.


June 21 – July 22

Traits: Intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, protective

Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac, says But Moon children also want to be on the receiving end of that TLC they give to others. So, a spa day is a surefire way to your Crab’s heart. Cancerians also love the seaside; they’re a water sign, after all.

Give your S/O serenity at Milk & Honey 

Where: 2800 Kirby Dr., Ste. A134

@itswhimswithkimembedded via

It’s high time for some #TreatYoSelf time. Massage; facial; mani/pedi; all of the above — it’s the ideal way to connect with bae — because, he or she is worth it. This place focuses on a natural and organic treatment philosophy. But, it’s not just about the girls. The guys also get top billing here with a specially designed suite of services including sports massages, seasonal scrubs, manly facials, back treatments, and manly manicures and pedicures. Or, you both can get a Couples Massage.

Walk in the sand at Surfside Beach

Where: 1304 Monument Drive, Surfside Beach

The white sand shores of this sleepy beach town are both relaxing and beautiful, and it’s only about an hour outside of downtown Houston. Dip your toes in the water before sidling up to a little seafood joint or burger bar.

@margaretarianeembedded via

Get the Tranquility for Two — plus dinner — at Trellis Spa

Where: The Houstonian, 111 N. Post Oak Ln.

Gift yourself — and your S.O. — to some much-needed rest and rejuvenation at this lush spa. The Tranquility for Two is a lavish experience that includes the Couples Hot Springs Shiatsu Tub, Couples Stone Therapy Massages, Couples Waterfall Swiss Shower, Trellis Facials, and lunch or dinner. It checks all the boxes.

@trellisspaembedded via


July 23 – August 22

Traits: Dramatic, outgoing, fiery, self-assured

Leo expects the royal treatment every day of the year, according to, and especially on date night. So, go big or go home with your special Lion. Just remember: Going big can simply be showing that you put some extra thought — of effort — into the date.

Stay fancy at the Wortham Theater Center

Where: 501 Texas Ave.

@elarella1embedded via

Put on your finest and have a night at the opera (or ballet) at this majestic venue that’s home to the Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera as well as other dazzling shows.

Drive up to a movie at Showboat Drive-In Theater

Where: 22422 FM 2920, Hockley

@ddancer0619embedded via

Leos won’t be impressed by a regular movie. Plus, there’s something just so romantic about a drive-in theater. After all, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to a double feature under the stars. This retro place is a short road trip out of the city, but it’s worth the drive. Bring blankets!

Be dramatic at Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

Where: 800 Bagby St.

@hobbycenterhoustonembedded via

If your date is a Broadway-loving babe, then a night at the Hobby Center will probably fit the bill. All the most talked-about touring productions are here.


August 23 – September 22

Traits: Practical, loyal, gentle, analytical

Actions speak louder than words with Virgo, says So, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you put some romantic thought into a date that will become a lasting memory for bae. And, low-key is often the key for high-strung Virgos, so they can just chill out and relax without trying to have forced fun. Less is more.

Go on a nature walk at the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park

Where: 6100 Hermann Park Dr.

@francinecazelliembedded via

This tranquil urban garden is almost too good to be true with lush nature at every turn coupled with waterfalls, bridges, and stone paths. The garden was designed by world-renowned landscape architect, Ken Nakajima, and it’s safe to say he delivered an uncannily serene, zen vibe.

Have some shots at Earthcraft Juicery

Where: 2400 Mid Lane, Ste. 130

@rheatheveganembedded via

Juice shots, that is. This shop specializes in blending exotic superfoods into their smoothies, acai bowls, and more, and it’s perfect for your date’s earth sign. Bonus points if you go here to refuel after a yoga sesh with your S/O.

Get low-key sweet with cookies from Tinys Milk & Cookies

Where: 3636 Rice Blvd.

@tinysmilkandcookiesembedded via

Have a night at home — accompanied by baked-fresh cookies. If you don’t want to make totally homemade treats, get Tinys’ super-legit, legendary cookie dough and some coconut milk chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Because #NetflixAndChill is best served with cookies and ice cream.


September 23 – October 22

Traits: Social, fair-minded, diplomatic, gracious

Libra is looking for a lover that embodies style and sophistication, says But, along with appreciating the finer things in life, they’re also traditional romantics, so classic dates like dinner and a movie or drinks are totally fair game as long as they’re thoughtfully planned and come with lots of good conversation.

Grab a drink with a view at Hoggbirds Rooftop Lounge

Where: Le Méridien Houston Downtown, 1121 Walker St.

@brown2teembedded via

The rooftop lounge of Oxbow7 restaurant is perched 23 stories up. So, you can snuggle up with your S/O, a cocktail, and stellar 360-degree sunset and skyline views of downtown — the perfect setting for conversation. Cheers to that.

Have a brunch date at The Kitchen at The Dunlavy

Where: 3422 Allen Pkwy.

This place is #brunchgoals — and oozing with modern elegance. The food is on point, too, to go along with the sophisticated vibe. The glass tree house dining room overlooks Buffalo Bayou Park, creating a magical setting for weekend date.

@dunlavyhoustonembedded via

Go museum hopping in the Houston Museum District

Where: Various locations

@linlinhuynhembedded via

Libras can also enjoy all things cultural so put the Museum District on the list, where you can hit up The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, The Menil Collection, the Contemporary Arts Museum, and more.


October 23 – November 21

Traits: Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave

Scorpio doesn't mess around when it comes to love and if you're planning a date with this sign, propose a place that is conducive to deep convos and thought-provoking things, says After all, this sign likes to analytically explore stuff. The more shocking — even morbid — side can also appeal to the Scorpion.

Go avant-garde at Rec Room

Where: 100 Jackson St.

@awakeningsmovementembedded via

The place to see quirky performances, weird comedies, and offbeat-but-cool shows, the Rec Room will always be unexpected — and totally worth a night out.

Get thoughtfully provocative at motsuoH

Where: 314 Main St.

@evreyskayaembedded via

Yes, it’s Houston spelled backwards. But, if you can get past the play on letters, this trippy-kitschy bar-art-music-poetry-chess venue (yes, all of it) will certainly take you on a weird adventure.

Go wild at The Wilde Collection

Where: 1446 Yale St.

@ashleydayssembedded via

The weird, wacky, and wonderful all converge at this macabre-meets-magnificent destination, where you’ll find everything from taxidermy animals to exotic furnishings, worldly artifacts, twisted Victorian treasures and more — all inspired by Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe. They even have a spooky pictures-with-Santa vignette right now.


November 22 – December 21

Traits: Extroverted, optimistic, funny, generous

Sagittarians are hopeless animal lovers, confirms So, anything with furry friends will be a win for the Archer.

Have coffee with cats at El Gato Coffeehouse

Where: 508 Pecore St.

@emmacarolinesheaembedded via

Crazy cat people: This is just the right cup of joe. The cheery cat café has you and bae’s caffeine fix plus adoptable felines, all housed in a bright bungalow. Just be forewarned: You could possibly leave with a new four-legged member of the family.

Head to Terry Hershey Park

Where: 15200 Memorial Dr.

@annaefitzembedded via

The park runs along Buffalo Bayou, and it’s a great place to take Fido for a walk — if you or your S/O has a dog. Or, you can just hope to meet and greet plenty of pups while you’re there.

Meet the animals at the Houston Zoo

Where: 6200 Hermann Park Dr.

Lions, tigers, and bears barely scratch the surface of the animal kingdom you’ll find here with your date. Definitely feed the Masai giraffe family, though.

@houstonzooembedded via


December 22 – January 19

Traits: Serious, independent, disciplined, tenacious

Dating is serious business to Capricorn, says, and the best way to capture the Goat's heart is to suggest a destination that involves some investment on your part. They tend to like the “best” things and the top end. But, it speaks to their ambition to be successful. It doesn’t have to be monetarily expensive; a time or thought investment also speaks volumes.

Have a top-shelf drink at Anvil Bar & Refuge

Where: 1424 Westheimer Rd., Ste. B

@vchrisfurtadoembedded via

Sidle up to the bar for Anvil’s “break-even bottle,” which provides at-cost access to top-shelf, rare spirits that you and your S/O have likely never tried.

Go ice skating at Discovery Green

Where: 1500 McKinney St.

@discoverygreenembedded via

The urban greenspace is pretty magical in its own right, what with canopies of trees, lush landscaping, Kinder Lake, art installations, and more. But, it turns into a winter wonderland with the pop-up ice rink that will have you and bae gliding right into 2019. Funfetti Fridays feature a DJ spinning while you skate.

Indulge those champagne dreams at a'Bouzy

Where: 2300 Westheimer Rd.

@jeansblyembedded via

Bubbles reign supreme at this champagne-fueled concept with an expansive list of more than 250 varieties, priced from $12 to $2,000-plus. While a’Bouzy serves lunch and dinner, it’s best to go for brunch (and grab a seat on the patio) because that’s where you can get the champagne-buttermilk-fried chicken and waffles. Yes, you heard that right.


January 20 – February 18

Traits: Deep, imaginative, original, uncompromising

You might find your Aquarius to be short on sentimentality, says, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appeal to their more offbeat sensibilities that includes spacing out with all things related to the solar system. And, the nerdier the better in many cases.

Space out together at George Observatory

Where: 21901 FM 762, Needville

@boschandembedded via

It’s time to get star-struck. Every Saturday, the Houston Museum of Nature and Science’s George Observatory at Brazos Bend State Park comes alive with celestial stargazing. And, it’s only about 45 minutes away from the city.

Have an out-of-this-world time at Space Center Houston

Where: 1601 NASA Pkwy.

@elisa_lbrsoembedded via

From Mission Control to Mission Mars and so much more, this gateway to NASA Johnson Space Center and Houston's first Smithsonian Affiliate museum will have you and your date playing astronaut for the day — no moon suit required.

Nerd out at Neil's Bahr

Where: 2006 Walker St.

@justyourlocalnerdembedded via

Between the massive comic book collection and free-play arcades not to mention movie-night Mondays, video game tournament Tuesdays, and karaoke Wednesdays, this place spells “love” for all the nerds/gamers (and those who love them). The place was even named after Nobel prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr.

Get cerebral at The Jung Center

Where: 5200 Montrose Blvd.

@darylthetfordembedded via

This place serves a forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. They have more than 200 classes a year (think Film and Psychoanalysis, Laughter Yoga, Origami, and more).


February 19 – March 20

Traits: Affectionate, empathetic, wise, artistic

Pisces and romance go together like strawberries and cream, confirms, so the more memorably romantic, mystical, and magical you can get, the better. Naturally, the Fish is a water sign, so anything that involves the waves is going to be a good bet, too.

Channel Parisian romance at Étoile Cuisine et Bar

Where: 1101-11 Uptown Park Blvd.

@themedxecutiveembedded via

Paris is always a good idea. But, this charmingly romantic, chandelier-laced French café is a good alternative, as it is fully inspired by the City of Light — right down to the foie-gras, filet, and frites.

Hit the beach with Galveston Island Horse and Pony Rides

Where: 1929 Boedeker Rd., Galveston

@mrtzsantosembedded via

Horseback riding along the beach has an inherent romantic — and magical — quality that’s definitely worth the drive to Galveston.

Have a fairytale moment at Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens

@sarahlouisebaembedded via

Where: 6003 Memorial Dr.

The beautifully manicured English gardens and enchanting bridge at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston museum for decorative arts and paintings are something from a storybook. Plus, Christmas Village at Bayou Bend — an immersive, holiday-themed tour of the 14-acre estate — runs through January 5, 2019.

Go underground at Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

Where: 105 Sabine St.

@thecisternembedded via

No, you haven’t been flung onto a trippy, sci-fi movie set. This subterranean wonderland was once an underground water reservoir, build in 1926. (Here's where the water angle comes in for your Pisces.) Now, the perfectly spaced, skinny concrete columns (all 221 of them) columns are a sight to behold.

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