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A Brand New Crazy Dessert Shop Is Coming To Katy This Summer

Smoosh Cookies is opening two new Texas locations very soon.

In the Texas heat, nothing sounds better than having a deliciously cold ice cream sandwich. Luckily, Smoosh Cookies is opening its doors this summer in Katy, Texas. According to Eater,  the new location for these yummy ice cream sandwiches will be at 9550 Spring Green Boulevard.  

Smoosh is a customizable ice cream shop which allows you to build your own ice cream sandwiches. The shop originated in Houston as a pop-up but has since created permanent locations and is now expanding. 

The shop gained popularity because of the variety of choices they offer for the sandwiches. Visitors get to choose from chocolate chip, brownie, churro and donut as the cookie buns to your ice cream sandwich. You also get your choice of ice cream including coffee, coconut, cookie dough and green tea. Of course, the delicious treats wouldn't be complete without the wide selection of toppings the shop offers including a variety of cereals, chocolates and sauces.  

Sandwiches aren't the only desserts that Smoosh offers. they also have an assortment of sundaes, cones and floats for all those who want a different sweet treat. Prices for the desserts start at $4 and work their way up depending on what you chose to add. 

The joint is also opening a new shop in College Station although the location for it has yet to be confirmed. The Katy grand opening has yet to be announced, though it will be very soon during summer 2019.

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The ice cream joint in Houston is open from midnight to 10 p.m. every day of the week and the two new locations in Katy and College Station are expected to be no different. 

The dessert shop stands for everyone's love of ice cream and how we will never get enough of all the sweet combinations the world has to offer.  

For more information about Smoosh Cookies, you can visit their website here.