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This Fairytale Cottage Near Houston Is The Perfect Hidden Getaway

It's in the middle of bluebonnet county.
This Fairytale Cottage Near Houston Is The Perfect Hidden Getaway

The world is pretty hectic these days, it can be rough trying to keep up with everything and sometimes we just want to take a break from all of the craziness. But retreating away from society doesn't always have to have a lone mountain man in a super rustic cabin vibe. Getting out in nature can also be cute, like this enchanting fairytale cottage near Houston

This really cute cottage is near Sam Houston National Park and is in the heart of Bluebonnet country which makes it a perfect getaway.

The stone and ivy-covered cottage is in Washington County and comes with a cute little porch, rocking chairs, and even a hot tub.

Once you step through the rounded door, there's an airy living room and kitchen area with a lot of fairytale touches like a bunch of knick-knacks, elegant furniture, and even a little fireplace.

The master bedroom is somehow even more enchanting than the living space and has a super plush bed, cute window seats, and even super-soft robes to pamper yourself.

The tiny cottage comes with one bedroom and one bathroom but can sleep a small group of people because the living room has a sleeper couch. So you know there will be a coin flip to see who gets the room and who gets the couch.

Rental prices vary but seem to be about $258 a night. If you and three of your friends need a little getaway from the hecticness that'll cost y'all a little over $60 a night each.

Being out among the bluebonnets in a cottage that looks straight from a storybook is the relaxing weekend we could all use right now!

Beautiful Luxury Camping Cottage

Price Per Night: $258

Address Or Neighbourhood: Washington, TX

Why You Need To Go: Because this cottage makes getting away from the hecticness of life super cute and like a fairytale!

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

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