You Can Eat Tons Of Crawfish At This Free Boozy Fest In Houston This Month

There's going to be all kinds of crawfish recipes.
Eat Crawfish At A Free Houston Fest With Live Music This Month

Crawfish automatically makes any party more fun. You could head out to any event and if crawfish are there, it's instantly better. Huge parties like Mardi Gras are elevated to a somehow even higher level of awesome when mudbugs are included. And there's a free Houston fest with crawfish this Fat Tuesday that definitely understands this and is going to have plenty of crawfish options!

The Rustic is a really cool bar, restaurant, and concert venue in the heart of Downtown Houston and on Fat Tuesday, which is on February 25, they're hosting a "Mardi Craw" party.

Their huge stage is going to have live performances from The Heights Funk Collective and of course, no Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without plenty of beads.

But most importantly, there's going to be a huge crawfish boil and plenty of tasty options. Their kitchen is going to be serving up tons of delicious dishes like boiled crawfish (corn and potatoes included), jambalaya with grilled shrimp, fried crawfish tails, and even crawfish Po' Boys.

Beyond the Nola-inspired food, there's also going to be Nola-inspired drinks! This means you can order frozen hurricanes and other frozen cocktails that'll make you feel like you're celebrating Fat Tuesday on Bourbon Street.

The best part is, admission to the party is free! You just need to RSVP to save your spot. 

However, VIP tickets are also available for $40 if you want to splurge a little bit and the ticket comes with two pounds of crawfish, some jambalaya, and access to the VIP lounge.

The paid tickets also get you tons of beads and a special menu to order from for some VIP Mardi Gras-inspired recipes. 

Nothing is more classic for Fat Tuesday than drinking hurricanes while eating lots of crawfish and tossing beads, this fest is just missing Bourbon Street! 

Mardi Craw At The Rustic

Price: Free to $40

When: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Address: 1836 Polk St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: They have more crawfish options than just a normal boil and the more crawfish options, the better!

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