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Houston Is Having The First Ever FREE Pickle-Themed Festival In Texas This Fall

Gone are the days where being "in a pickle" was considered a negative thing. This fall, you can confidently invite all your friends to have the best time in a pickle at the totally free InAPickle festival in Houston!

On Saturday, September 7th from 11 am to 5 pm, you can enjoy pickle-themed everything at Kingwood Town Center Park.

We're truly in for a treat with the already-confirmed vendors who will all bring their own specially-crafted pickle menu item. We don't know how some of them will do it, but we're hopeful. Here are just a few:

If you're a true pickle-fanatic you'll venture out and try the Pickle Popsicle from Paco Pops or even this pickle-flavored cupcake, if you dare.

There will even be a pickle eating contest and a pickling contest. But the fun extends beyond just eating glorified cucumbers - you can drink them too in a pickle juice drinking contest! Alright, alright, aside from the pickles...

At the festival, there will be live music, mechanical bull riding, face painting (transform into a pickle!), and a giant bouncy house.

There will also be a silent auction held to benefit Cure For Connor that aims to find a cure for Hunter Syndrome.

So next time you find yourself in a pickle, let it be a reminder that Houston has a lot of delicious ways of crafting food with pickles and you need to experience it. 

Grab your friends and get ready to stuff your face at the first-ever pickle fest in Texas that will be held on September 7th.

InAPickle Festival

Price: Free!

Address: Kingwood Town Center Park, 8 North Main Street, Houston, TX 77339

Why you should go: Because it's a free event with all things pickled!


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