It seems like almost all kids were told at some point that food is not a toy and not to play with it. It was a lesson we all learned pretty quick and most of us (hopefully) have kept. However, there's a cute little artsy dessert cafe in Houston with an Animal Crossing party this month that breaks the age-old rule and actually wants you to get creative with food!

Honey Art Cafe near Montrose is kind of like those really popular wine and art class places but instead of wine, there's magical desserts and the art you make is all kinds of different colorful crafts.

You can visit the cafe whenever they have craft classes to take part in their DIY activities like water coloring or make earings.

Their sweet activities range in price from $10 to $30, just place your DIY kit order at the counter when you're ordering your sweet treats.

For Spring Break, the Cafe is having different parties all the way until March 20. They're putting on a lot of different events like a Giant Coloring Sheet Party, Bullet Journaling 101 Class, and even an Animal Crossing Art Show & Dessert Party!

The Animal Crossing Party is happening on two dates, March 18 and March 22 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The party is going to be decked out in crafts, desserts, and art all themed in the undisputed greatest game to ever exist (and no, that's not up for debate). 

The free party is really popular but you can reserve your spot to guarantee your place among other villagers!

Honey Art Cafe will have the Animal Crossing Art Show up from March 18 through March 31 so you can come out, enjoy some cake, drink some matcha, and hang in a cafe that looks straight out of your perfect village.

Animal Crossing Art Show & Dessert Party At Honey Art Cafe

Price: Free

When: March 18 and March 22, 2020

Address: 3516 South Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: To eat the cutest Animal Crossing themed desserts and make crafts cuter than the Able sisters do.