Everyone has their own personal favorite drink to grab at the bar. Whether you're more of a beer or wine person, everyone can agree that margaritas are one of the best boozy drinks out there! However, with all of the different flavors, it's hard to decide which marg is the best of them all. Luckily for Texans, there's a Houston margarita fest this March that will decide once and for all which tequila drink is the best in town.

The Margarita Taste-Off is coming back to Houston on March 28, 2020, at Kirby Ice House. The event will be full of samples of flavorful tequila margaritas from multiple much-loved local vendors.

The festival will go on from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. which is the perfect amount of time to try out all of Houston's top tequila drinks and find your favorite one.

Some of the contestants participating and giving out samples of their best tequila drinks include beloved Houston restaurants like Chuy's and The Grove.

There will also be unique vendors like KICPOPS who will be offering boozy popsicles.

After sampling all of the varieties, people can vote on their favorite and decide who will earn the official title of having the "Best Margarita."

While sipping on all of the various delicious margaritas and narrowing down your vote for the best pick, there will be a DJ playing music, a raffle, and even a Don Julio tasting station.

The 12th annual event is being hosted by the Candlelighters Young Professional Group and all proceeds go towards their Childhood Cancer Charity Alliance. This means you'll be drinking margs for a good cause.

There are less than 200 tickets left and price if you get them online is $60 and $75 if you get them at the door.

The ticket gives you a free tasty drink from all nineteen vendors. It also includes snacks and beer tickets, but honestly, trying nineteen margs is already enough to get a good weekend day-drinking buzz going!

Margarita Taste Off Benefitting Candleighters

Price: $60 - $75

When: Saturday, March 28, 2020

Address: 3333 Eastside St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can drink tons of margs for a good cause and help decide which margarita is the best in Houston!