Houston's bar scene is constantly growing, it seems like everywhere you go in the city there's always a good place to grab a drink or two. Because of this, finding a truly unique place to drink is becoming harder and harder to do. However, there's a tiki bar in Houston that's changing not only where you drink but also what you drink out of!

Kanaloa is a tiki bar in Downtown Houston with a really cool and modern tiki vibe. The most unique thing about the bar, however, is their giant drinks and what they come served in!

The bar has quite a few big drink options but the biggest one of all serves around 10 to 12 people.

Kanaloa's "Treasure Chest" has three different kinds of rum in it, Grand Marnier, and a variety of fruit juices. Even better, it comes with sparklers, dry ice, and an entire bottle of champagne on top.

This is definitely a drink for special occasions because this chest of boozy booty costs a whopping $300. But, if you split it with 11 of your closest friends, it comes out to only $25 per person.

Not bad for a treasure chest full of alcohol that will more than likely get you and a group of friends feeling pretty tipsy.

Some of the other massive, but more manageable, shareable beverages include the "Undiscovered Paradise" and the "Ka Lima Lima Hema."

Undiscovered Paradise has three different kinds of rum poured into a gigantic conch shell and serves up to eight people for $75.

The Ka Lima Lima Hema has bourbon and rum poured into a ukelele that you can share with four friends for $42.

These two drinks will ensure you have a good time without having to share to avoid breaking the bank.

Still, it's hard to take our eyes away from the treasure!

After hitting up bar after bar for beer and cocktails, stopping by a tiki hut in an old downtown building and sharing sips out of conch shells is a completely welcome and unique experience. 

Not only do you get transported to a cool tropical island in the middle of the city, but the spot also comes with strong, humongous drinks.

Now that sounds like a good night out!

Kanaloa Tiki Bar

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Tropical

Address: 311 Travis St., Houston, TX

Why You Need To Go: Sharing a drink with your friends is taken to a whole other level as y'all get to share the same drink out of a massive treasure chest!