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Sugar Land Is Getting A Brand New Dessert Shop That Serves The Craziest Sugary Creations

Donut ice cream sandwiches that would even impress Buddy The Elf.
Sugar Land Is Getting A Brand New Dessert Shop That Serves The Craziest Sugary Creations

Most people don't appreciate the sugary masterpieces of Buddy The Elf - like his loaded leftover spaghetti that is topped in syrup, marshmallows, and crumbled Pop Tarts. But if anyone gets it, it has to be this churro and ice cream dessert spot, AKA the connoisseurs of sugar-loaded treats. A brand new Red Circle Ice Cream is opening in Sugar Land soon, and we couldn't be more excited to try these delicious desserts.

An opening date has not yet been announced for the Sugar Land Location, but we're hoping it's soon. And for now, they have a Red Circle shop in Houston to curb your sugar cravings until then.

Their insanely tasty churros come in several different flavors, and they're as delicious as they are perfect for sword fighting and IG photos.

They also have a SugarBun, and it's even better than what you're thinking it is. Warm donut sandwiches a giant scoop of ice cream and then topped with more sugar of your choice—Cereal? Gummies? Chocolate? You got it.

But remember, when trying to live like Buddy, you have to stick to the four main food groups—candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.

They have more than 60 flavors of ice cream for you to choose from! So pick one (or two) and try out their famous "Churro Daddy," a scoop of ice cream with your favorite churro.

They even feature risky, limited-edition ice cream specials like their crawfish-flavored one or their Hot Cheetos Churro Puff.

Somebody in Red Circle managment must love to say "why can't we just have both?" but no one is complaining.

They also serve those picturesque bubble waffles with ice cream, so you can pass it off this treat as breakfast.

Son of a nutcracker! Without this place, "Sugar Land" really is just... "Land". 

Red Circle Ice Cream

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Loaded desserts

Address: 6838 Ranchester Dr, Houston, TX 77036

Why you should go: There are more than 60 flavors of ice cream to pair with a giant, delicious churro or donut.


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