You Can Get Fancy Tiki Cocktails At This New Houston Restaurant Opening Next Month

The Toasted Coconut will open in June.
You Can Get Fancy Tiki Cocktails At This New Houston Restaurant Opening Next Month

Yeah, we have world-renowned tacos. Sure, the brisket isn't so bad. But a full-on, tiki-themed restaurant in Houston? Now that's something we had no idea we were in desperate need of. This June, The Toasted Coconut is set to open in Houston, so all of our coconut tree dreams can finally come true.

At The Toasted Coconut, you'll be able to get some mouth-watering drinks such as overproof Jamaican rum and rhum agricole in a tiki mug. Of course you can also get the tastiest classic cocktails served up Tiki style like the Mai Tai and Planter's Punch. They'll be topped with tiny umbrellas, colorful twisty straws, or poured in a tiki mug, because I know that's really what matters here.

While there are a few other tiki bars hidden across Houston, The Toasted Coconut is offering to take it a few steps further. At 2,850 square feet, the restaurant will be decorated in lavish 1950s-Hollywood inspired tiki vibes and will have its own beautiful beach area (because Galveston is too far away. And really brown.) There will be sand and beach chairs to really help you live out the illusion. 

The restaurant comes out of Nobie's from Martin Strayer, Sara Strayer, and Sarah Troxell. Until the official opening, the organizers are hosting "Toasty Tuesday" pop-up events to showcase and let visitors try out their iconic tropical drinks. Stay tuned to their Facebook page to find out when the next pop-up is.

In addition to drinks, The Toasted Coconut will offer menu-items with Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Latin America influences. I'm talkin' mapo tofu fries, rangoon with pimento cheese, Indonesian "queso," and crispy rice salad with orange slices, according to Houstonia, who attended a "Toasty Tuesday." But the menu will change quarterly, so don't get too attached.

The tropical paradise will be located at 617 Richmond Ave and open for business this June. So pull out your tackiest Hawaiian-dad shirt, we're going on a staycation.

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