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A Retro Airstream In Houston's Downtown Is A Unique Place To Stay For Cheap

When planning a vacation, sometimes the hardest part can be deciding on what type of destination you want to visit. The choice of visiting a big city or having a more outdoorsy trip can be tough. However, if you decide to visit Houston, a unique retro airstream near downtown lets you go glamping in the middle of the city and gives you the best of both worlds for cheap! 

The "Airmadillo" is a restored vintage Airstream that has major nostalgic vibes and the cutest retro interior.

The bright and airy airstream sleeps three people and is packed full of amenities. 

The camper has it's own fully-equipt bathroom, a kitchen with a retro mini-fridge, California-king size bed, office space, and even a little living room with an old record player, records included.

The "Airmadillo" comes out to just $68 a night and if you split that with two of your friends, it comes out to around $22 per person. A literal steal!

The Airstream is located in a residential backyard with the owners of the property being the Superhosts.

However, you have your own private entrance through a blue door and a little fenced in yard that comes with a hammock and tiny deck. 

While staying in the "Airmadillo" might feel like the ultimate glamping situation, you're actually really close to Downtown Houston and have access to lots of fun things to do nearby.

The rental is in such a great central location between Downtown and hip neighborhood the Heights.

Grabbing a delicious bite to eat or spending the night bar-hopping downtown before heading back to your tiny rental makes for the best retreat.

Then you can kick back on the hammock and enjoy the fresh air the next morning.

Houston isn't really known to be a walkable city, but at this particular spot, you can walk to White Oak Music Hall and bike to Downtown.

It's a super unique place to stay, especially in the middle of a big city where you don't think it would be possible to go glamping.

The Airmadillo

Price Per Night: $68

Address Or Neighbourhood: Northside Houston

Why You Need To Go: It combines the best of both worlds, and you get the ultimate glamping vibes in the middle of a big city with many things to do for cheap.

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