Everyone loves getting a good deal, especially on unique one-of-a-kind pieces. When it comes to thrifting, one of the most fun parts about it is the scavenger hunt to find a new treasured piece. Not far outside of Houston, one of the biggest thrifting antique fairs is coming back this spring and it's a literal wonderland of all things vintage and used!

The Round Top Antique Fair is coming back from March 30 through April 4 and it is a thrift-lover's paradise! The fair is always jam-packed with different oddities and unique items that make it look like a magical junkyard.

Texans really love to thrift and we have plenty of places to score some new finds like San Antonio's bookstore lover's paradise and Dallas's massive thrifting convention that's coming up soon. But Round Top's Fair is one of the largest.

Even if you aren't personally interested in buying too many items, the fair is still definitely worth a visit. Strolling through all of the different tents and vendors is like stepping into a real-life iSpy!

It's always an adventure to explore through the wonderland and see what unique things you find.

General Admission tickets to the weeklong fair are only $10 and give you access to the grounds starting from 1 p.m. on opening day, March 30, all the way to the end of the fair on April 4.

With the GA ticket, you have access to the iconic big red barn that's piled high with thrifted goods. Plus you get entry to other areas like the "Continental Tent" which is another spot holding a plethora of antiques.

Walking around the massive treasure trove can really work up an appetite so the fair will have a variety of food and drink options from different vendors. 

The fair makes for a really fun and affordable spring break week or weekend and the town of Round Top has a ton of really cute cafes that are must-visits before or after a day out on the thrift hunt!

Round Top Antiques Fair

Price: 💸

Address: 475 S. Texas Hwy 237, Carmine, TX

Why you need to go: To browse through a wonderland of thrifted goods to see what you can find!