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You Can Actually Camp Under The Stars With Wolves In Texas For $30

If there's anybody we want on our side, it's a wolf pack. So instead of making them the butt of our campfire horror stories, we're ready to invite them into our late-night s'mores sessions. And the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary near Houston is helping us do just that.

For just $30, you can experience a once-and-a-lifetime evening with real, rescued wolves.

You'll all sit around a campfire together, roast s'mores and hotdogs, learn about the majesty of wolf-kind, and maybe even howl at the moon a little together. 

For $75, you can add a camping night onto your howl session. There is a discount for $50 for those under 17, military, and teachers.

You'll get to spend a full night asleep (or trying to be) under the stars in the sanctuary with your new furry friends.

It's the night your instincts have long warned you against, but your Disney heart has always longed for.

It's BYOT, so campers will need to bring their own tent and camping gear. Make sure you arrive 30-40 minutes early to set up your tent.

Then, once you wake up in the morning and convince yourself that wasn't just the best dream ever, you'll enjoy a lite breakfast and coffee and return to the now-dull human world.

Currently, the sanctuary is home to 11 wolves and wolfdogs. You can read their heart-tugging stories and even sponsor the one you fall in love with (and yes, there will be a One.)

All the animals are rescued from shelters, animal control agencies, and private owners, so they have some pretty gnarly stories to tell around that campfire.

If camping isn't your thing, but you still want to bond with the wild dogs, you can hang with them for just $10.

And before those instincts of yours try to keep you from having a blast, remember: #NotAllWolves.

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

Price: $30-75

When: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Address: 2757 St. Beulah Chapel Rd., Montgomery, TX (relocating in 2020)

Why you need to go: To support the rehabilitation of one of the most over-feared species, and experience a night in the wild like never before.


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