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Houston Is Getting A Brand New CBD Coffee And Tea House This Fall

It will be one of the only coffee shops serving CBD drinks in Texas.

CBD is making its way into pretty much everything in Texas - and Houston is getting some really rad coffee shops out of it. This fall, Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar will serve up some new CBD drinks in Houston, and we can't wait.

Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar is slated to open in Eado this fall around October or November—which has been pushed back since their original plans to open this summer. But it's okay—good things come to those who wait. 

Texans know the waiting game all too well when it comes to this kind of thing. Just last month the Texas governor passed a law allowing the production and regulation of hemp. And now, hemp-based products and food are quickly popping up across the state. Kinda Tropical in Austin even serves a giant waffle with CBD.

Before this law was passed, all the legal jumble was a bit of headache for founder Michael Migl and co-founder Drew Bailey. But with these new legal clarities, we're excited for what Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar will offer up on their menu.

CBD will be offered as an additive to the drinks on the menu like press coffee, juice, lattes, and tea. And possibly even beer and wine. They will also sell baked goods, yes!

In regards to the name, Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar hopes to create an Amsterdam-like ambiance—where sipping coffee and smoking weed is the norm. Except, there will be less getting high here and more of the simplicity of enjoying CBD oil because the laws on smoking marijuana aren't so kind.

Yeah, you don't get high from CBD. But CBD does have a calming effect on the body, whereas the coffee has caffeine, you know, isn't really intended to be calming. So the juxtaposition is fun. Plus, it helps with anxiety, seizures, and pain.

Until its grand opening, you can check out one of the only other CBD coffee houses in the area.

Amsterdam Co. Coffeebar

Price: 💸

Address: To be announced

Why you should go: Experience the benefits of CBD oil in your favorite morning drink—coffee! Or tea, if that's your thing.