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Best Houston Ice Cream Shops Include This One With Donuts & Macaron Sandwiches

When it comes to ice cream there are so many options to choose from these days, it's crazy! There are a bunch of ice cream shops out there creating delicious dishes and that's definitely a good thing. Ice cream is basically an art form where the crazier the creation, the better. And it seems like this Houston ice cream shop might have the wildest treats yet!

Stacked Ice Cream has two locations, one in Sugarland and one in Katy, and is home to the most insane ice cream sandwiches we've ever seen.

Their flavors are super creative including Thai Tea and Cookie Monster ice cream. The options of what you can choose to eat your ice cream from is where it gets super wild.

Of course, you can stick your favorite one to three scoops in a waffle cone and call it a day. Or you can choose to make your treat into an ice cream sandwich and stack your scoops in between a freshly glazed donut, macaroons, or Fruity Pebble Rice Krispy treats!

Make sure to top that bad boy off with toppings like Cookie Crisp cereal, mochi, donut holes, or a combo of your fave toppings. 

These sandwiches are some of the best because they're basically just a mash-up of all of the best desserts in one.

The ice cream sandwiches look awesome but let's face it, they're definitely on the messier side. If you're looking for your dessert to be a little easier to eat, they also have shakes and a bed of donut holes with ice cream heaped on top.

Also, if you're not feeling ice cream, there is no need to worry because you can order their tasty donuts and macaroons by themselves!

Since Houston is such a foodie town, the ice cream options are everywhere and if you want to try another take on donut holes and ice cream, Decadent Cafe has a donut hole ice cream skillet. And if crazy toppings are your thing, Sweet Flamingo has milkshakes topped with cotton candy!

Stacked Ice Cream

Price: đź’¸

Address: 1226 Museum Square Dr #600, Sugar Land, TX and 2211 N Fry Rd O, Katy, TX

Why You Need To Go: Where else can you get a triple-decker ice cream sandwich made out of donuts and macaroons and topped with donut holes?


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