You Can Ride Bumper Cars On Ice At This Winter Wonderland In Houston This Year (VIDEO)

There's a winter-themed bar too!
Bumper Cars On Ice In Houston Is A Winter Wonderland (VIDEO)
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From the spicy food to the weather, Texas is known for being hot all year round. So if you’re looking to cool down, Bumper Cars on Ice in Houston is the perfect way to beat the heat.  

This chill activity is an Australian pop-up experience that will begin its North American tour in 2020.

It will make it's way to Houston sometime this year. 

You can ride the cutest donut-shaped cars to bump and slide all over the rink. 

Then you can enjoy a drink at the winter-themed bar.  

The dates for this event are still TBD but you can sign-up here to snag your tickets as soon as they go for sale.

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Jade Woo-Giroux
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