Growing up, you probably always wanted to take a tour of Willy Wonka's iconic chocolate factory. Unfortunately, the factory itself isn't real but we have found the next best thing. Candytopia is an interactive candy wonderland and it's headed to Houston soon.

While an official opening date has yet to be announced, we expect the super awesome exhibit to be there by summer. At the exhibit, visitors will see candy in a way they might have never seen it before. Most everything in the pop-up is made out of candy itself, from gumdrops to licorice, and they even have a marshmallow pit you can jump into.

There are so many instagrammable rooms throughout the entire exhibit, including an art room that has classic paintings like the Mona Lisa redone out of all candy. While the exhibit has been in other cities before, each city gets something special just for them so no experience is the same. 

Candy isn't the only thing you will see at the pop-up, the entire place is decked out in neon lights and there is even a mirrored throne ready for you to claim. You can also enjoy a trip to their candy shop that is at the very end of the tour.

Time slots are generally the same for all locations, being open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. It is suggested visitors arrive 30 minutes before their time slot. Once your time begins you will have about an hour to enjoy everything Candytopia has to offer. 

Tickets are typically $30 at every location and we expect no different when Houston opens their wonderland. To keep updated on announcements like location and dates, you can visit the Candytopia website here.