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Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson Had The Most Incredible Early Life In Texas

Dr. Bailey was born in Houston and we're not surprised.
Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson Had The Most Incredible Early Life In Texas

Chandra Wilson, the beloved Grey's Anatomy star who plays the fierce and bold character of Dr. Bailey, was born, grew up and found her start in acting in none other than Houston, Texas

She was just four years old when she first graced the spotlight by performing in local pageants. As she grew up near the Medical Center, she enrolled in dance and acting classes at Theatre Under The Stars, and eventually graduated from the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in downtown.

Wilson threw herself into the art scene because her "mom was not interested in having an idle child," she told VisitHouston. So we're pretty confident assuming she gets her spunky boldness from her mom.

Growing up, her hang-out spots of choice included downtown, Tranquility Park, the museums, and driving through River Oaks and Memorial. She even made sure to spill that she misses Astro World and even wants to start a campaign to bring it back!

And to that, I must quote Dr. Bailey's rule number one: "Don't bother sucking up," our hearts are sensitive when it comes to AstroWorld, okay?

She hustled her way through the industry and moved to the big apple to attend college and land auditions. For years, she worked to have her big break out role, landing appearances on Law and Order and Philadelphia along the way. When she finally landed her career-defining role as Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy, she was still working part-time as a bank teller.

Just a few years ago, she even started a scholarship at her alma mater high school where she auditions and hangs out with seniors to give back to the city that raised her.

On and off screen she's a kick-butt character whether it's taking on the position of Chief of Surgery or directing several of the Greys Anatomy episodes herself and raising three kids.

Chandra Wilson is the representation of strong Houstonian women. And that's why we love her.

If you still aren't convinced Texas is home to some talented stars— you need to check out Selena Gomez and Sadie Sinks' Texan childhoods too.

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