Chicken-Filled Waffle Cones Are A Hot Menu Item At This New Eatery Coming To Houston

Cluck yeah!
Chicken Waffle Cones In Houston

There are so many ways to eat chicken, whether it's on a stick or with on a donut. But nothing is quite as wonderful as fried chicken and waffles, and now you can get crispy fried chicken bites in a waffle cone! The new fast-casual restaurant, Chick'nCone, has perfected this idea and they are bringing their concept to the heart of Houston this October.

This fork free treat is a pure YOLO moment so get ready to dive in face first. Chick'nCone brings a unique blend of Southern comfort to novelty foods for a mix of mouth-watering tastiness.

The signature menu items include the old classic Cinna-Maple that has chicken and waffles covered in maple syrup, the Buffalo Blue that has wing sauce and bleu cheese, and of course the old faithful Classic BBQ. These things are filling, but you're definitely going to want to get a side of fries and quite possibly an adult beverage to wash it all down. 

If you're picky you can have it a la carte, and the prices here are super affordable. The franchise is still waiting on their alcohol license, but for sure will be selling Karbach brews on tap, as well as frozen bellinis and margaritas to maximize this chicken experience for you.

Hopefully you can wait just a few short weeks before the locations open up, but Chick'nCone told us that they plan to expand to Spring and White Oak Bayou in the near future. Creative foods like this are a playground for foodies and Instagrammers to explore, and we are all for breaking new ground in the way we consume food. Click here for a full menu and just say cluck yes to Chick'nCone! 


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Casual fried chicken

Address: 1919 N Shephard Dr Houston TX 70011

Why You Need To Go: Chicken and waffles that is instagrammable and afforable!