Amid the chaos going on around us, people have been urged to stay home and away from other humans until current issues can be contained. Though we've all been struggling with social distancing, much of the Earth has been able to get a nice break. With the ongoing threat of COVID-19, these Texas beach cams show us how empty the beaches currently are, and how much prettier they look without all of the humans.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some natural occurrences that have really humbled us.

Dolphins and fish have been swimming through the newly blue waters of Venice since no people have disturbed them since the city's mandatory social distancing policy came into effect. 

Beaches have been clearer and cleaner across many different countries.

Multiple Texas beaches have live cams so that those who live far from the water can still nature watch. You can hop on the livestream at any time and watch the sun rise over the waves, or admire the lack of people that are out and about.

South Padre Island is typically packed with young adults at this time of year, but right now, there isn't a person in sight. Or at least, no groups of party people!

The website has live video shots of North Beach, South Beach, and the Queen Isabella Causeway.

You may catch the occasional beach biker or jogger strolling by on the sand, but otherwise, these Texas beaches are being left alone.

The Earth deserved some time to breathe! Hopefully, when this crisis has subsided, we can return to our natural spaces with respect and learn to clean up after ourselves.

You can check out these stunning beach cams any time and admire the Texas skies above the clear oceans.

With a little effort, struggle, and patience, we will soon be able to return to the water to cool down under the rapidly approaching Texas heat.