When the coronavirus initially struck the U.S., many were saddened to have to cancel their cruise ship vacations or receive the email of it being canceled for them. Now, Carnival is back in business and allowing people to book trips for as early as August. Ever since this news was announced, cruise ship bookings from Texas have skyrocketed, with many looking forward to being able to take their dream vacation this summer. 

According to Global News, on the day of the announcement that Carnival would be headed to sea come August 1, cruise ship bookings increased by 600 percent.

This could be due to wanderlust, but there's also the possibility that the prices were too affordable for people to resist.

When the news first broke that you could take a cruise in August, rooms were being booked for a 5-day trip for just $180.

Now, prices range from $198 to $499 for some rooms. The most expensive room is priced at $944 right now.

Not only is Carnival taking off from Texas in August, but Florida will also be seeing ships dock later this year.

The ships leaving from Galveston include Carnival Dream, Carnival Freedom, and Carnival Vista.

Miami and Port Canaveral will have Carnival Horizon, Carnival Magic and Carnival Sensation, Carnival Breeze, and Carnival Elation leaving from their docks.

Any other North American cruise will be canceled through August 31.

"We are committed to supporting all public health efforts to manage the COVID-19 situation," said Carnival.

For those interested in any add-ons during your cruise, there are several to choose from.

Dining, retreats, bars, and more are offered through Carnival for an additional cost.

You'll spend five whole days at sea, with stops in the beautiful Cozumel and Yucatan.

If you're interested in booking a trip through Carnival for this summer, you can visit their website here.

Tickets are quickly being bought out!