When work is hard, you take your lunch break in a park. When work is hard and you live in Houston, you take your lunch break on a giant oscillating plank in the middle of downtown Houston.

Last week, Avenida Houston welcomed the travelling playground to the urban park. And from now until September 2nd, Houstonians are invited to catapult each other from it (don't go crazy).

Formally known as "Impulse," informally known as "teeter-totter thingy," the art installation has already drawn in crowds of young and young-at-heart people alike.

There are 12 seesaws in the installation and they all respond to both light and sound—glowing as the sun sets. And it's totally free and open to the public.

The installation even plays relaxing tones to the rhythm of your tottering. And you're going to need to bring a friend to try this out—or a sandbag and some fast sprinting skills.

Also, it's Spacey Casey approved—the only thing more trust worthy than a Yelp review.

The legacy of Impulse began back in 2015 in Montreal as part of the sixth edition of Luminothérapie at the Place des Festivals in the Quartier des Spectacles. It aims to transform participants into artists and muscians. You're basically mastering a giant piano with no effort at all—how often do you get that opportunity? 

Whether it's the symbolism you're after or the mild stomach-dropping thrill, it's hard to have a bad day on a light-up, singing teeter totter.

From 8 am to 11 pm, you can stop by the Avendia Plaza near Discovery Green and try them out.

You can find more information on the installation and parking on Avenida's website.