It may only be January, but so many artists have already either released new music or announced that it's coming very soon in 2020. This is even the case for Drake and Future, who have actually had their newest song together, leaked. The leaked Drake and Future song gives endless shout outs to Texas cities.

Drake and Future's upcoming album, What a Time to Be Alive 2, is set to be released sometime in 2020.

Though it looks like fans have gotten ahold of a song before either artist had planned.

I Know is the name of the song that was leaked this weekend and is one of four songs we have knowledge of being on their latest album.

Texans should be listening harder than anyone because chances are, they'll be feeling some major hometown pride.

Multiple Twitter accounts have been tweeting out videos of the leaked song from Soundcloud, which is how many people have already been able to listen to it.

In the song, Drake raps "Katy, Texas, Dallas, Texas, you know, a different environment."

This comes after Drake rapping "I should have put you somewhere where no one could find you."


In the first verse, Future then shouts out another Texas city, this time the one that Drake is known to visit often, Houston. He raps "I shoulda moved you away from Houston before I copped you all this ice."

We're not the only ones surprised by the mention of the Texas cities, thousands of Texan fans on Twitter have been sharing and commenting on the new song as well.

Between the three Texas cities mentioned, there's one that stands out more than the others.

Mentioning Dallas and Houston in a rap song seems to be much less surprising than Katy, which is a city right outside of Houston.

@ChuggsO tweeted out a hilarious meme depicting the reactions of people who live or are from Katy, where apparently not too many exciting things happen. 

Now, we're curious as to who's idea it was to mention the Houston-lining city as a boring spot in Texas. Same with Dallas!

Fans of the two artists are already singing along and getting excited for the full album that is coming soon.

Maybe this is how Katy finally gets put on the map, or maybe not.

Regardless, it's still pretty cool that an A-listers like Drake is rapping about it in one of his and Future's songs.

We can't wait for the memes once the album is officially out.

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