Houston is known for having tons of delicious food. Almost everywhere you look, there is another famous food joint waiting for you to stop by and enjoy. Lucky for dumpling lovers, a Houston favorite food joint is opening its doors soon. According to Eater, the Chinese hot spot Dumpling Haus in Houston is getting a permanent location opening early next year.

The popular food pop-up is finally getting its own permanent location so you can stop by for mouthwatering dumplings and other popular Chinese dishes at any time. Usually, you'll find the Asian pop-up at Urban Harvest in Houston. Now you'll be able to stop by at 2313 Edwards Street, Suite 180, where their permanent shop is set to open in January 2020.

While the shop is mainly known for its dumplings, they also carry things like rice, congee, and noodles. Treats at this food joint go for around $4 to $13, depending on what you choose to get. You can get different combinations of the meals as most of the choices are up to you.

You won't have to worry about restrictions as this shop has vegetarian options. They are known for participating in tons of festivals and events around the state.

The new location is set to open in January 2020, but there has not been an official opening date as of yet. This might be their first location, but we hope they expand all over the state in the future so we can all try these fantastic dumplings.

This shop might take a minute to open but you can stop by this massive margarita festival happening this month in Houston. You'll be able to try over 18 types of drinks, how fun is that?

Dumpling Haus

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Chinese

Address: 2313 Edwards Street, Suite 180

Why You Need To Go: This super awesome dumpling place lets you eat to your heart's desires.