In a galaxy not so far away, near Austin, Texas, lies the mystical Galaxy B&G that is entirely Star Wars themed, from their decor to their delicious food.

The incredible Star Wars loving restaurant offers a variety of food choices and they're all named very appropriately. But don't worry, we've translated them for you to make things easier. Here are just a few things they offer:

  • Padejuan Becomes Jedeye (grilled peanut butter and jelly)

  • Jabba's Jewels (battered and deep-fried cheese sticks)

  • Carbonite Clusters (Loaded homemade french fries)

  • Ursa Minor (Chips and cheese)

  • CP30 (Loaded nachos)

  • Fried Pickle Ricks (pickle chips or spears)

  • Ex-Wings (boneless wings)

  • BB-Ate (a platter serving Jabba's Jewels, Proton Bombs, and Pickle Ricks)

  • The Alliances (11 different breakfast meal options)

  • The Empires (16 different burger options)

There's a lot more where that came from. There's even a Quesadilla burger. And all the food is all priced $12.99 and under. Is there honestly a better way to celebrate Star Wars than with food?

Just make sure that no matter which dish you're ordering, you have to point to the item of your choice on the menu and say "this is the Chosen One." If you're going to go here, you must play the part. I don't make the rules.

As you eat, you can sit in one of their multicolored funky booths and admire all the Star Wars artwork that lines the walls and try to make more puns than I already have.

Galaxy B&G is open every day beginning at 7 am on the weekdays and 11 am on the weekends. They stay open as late as 3 am on Friday and Saturday in case you want to venture to the dark side.

You can get their delicious food delivered to you from 8 am to 9:30 pm. And the best part—breakfast is served all day.

Sadly, there is no Flan Solo offered yet. Yet. Don't doubt that it might come in the future. I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Galaxy B&G

Price: 💸

Cuisine: American and Mexican

Address: 104 W. Veterans Memorial Blvd.KilleenTX 76541

Why you should go: They have everything from breakfast food to tacos, all very creatively named to fit the theme.