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You Can Get To Know Some Texan Penguins With These Live Cams

The seal cam is guaranteed cuteness.
Moody Gardens' Live Cams Bring Penguins & Seals To Your Screen

If we had to describe Houston's climate, it definitely would not be the arctic or the tropics. Houston is more of a concrete swamp with so much humidity, you can forget about straightening your hair in the summer. But you can turn the inside of your house into a tropical or arctic paradise because the Galveston Moody Gardens has live cams of their many tropical animals and it brings the rainforest or tundra to your TV!

From the iconic three pyramids on Galveston Island, Moody Gardens offers fans to watch live feeds of some of their cutest animals. The best part is that they're all free to watch.

If you've never been to Moody Gardens, you're missing out. It's a new experience stepping into a glass pyramid and being surrounded by pretty rainforest and tropical animals, it's something you'd think would be impossible to see in Texas.

While Moody Gardens might be closed until March 28, you can still watch all the different kinds of animals on your screen with their six different webcams!

Their Pyramids Cam gives you a full view of the three different colored glass pyramids with the beach right behind them so it's basically like being on the beach... except you're actually in your PJs in bed.

They also have super cute Penguin and Seal Cams that feature two of the most adorable animals ever. Watch them swim or waddle around live on your screen!

If you want to see tropical birds, the Rainforest Cam is pointed high in the trees to show off all the activities the birds do during the day and night.

If fish are more your vibe, your TV can turn into a fish tank because the Caribean Cam is located under the water and has the best view of the different underwater critters!

The only non-year-around cam is available from November through January. It's called the Ice Land Cam and it gives you a birds-eye view of different artists creating insane ice sculptures.

Even though Moody Gardens might be closed, it doesn't mean you can't visit virtually and bring the rainforest home to you. 

Moody Gardens' Live Webcams

Price: Free

When: Right Now

Why You Need To Watch It: You don't have to leave the comfort of your own couch to see animals out in their habitat, live!

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