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This Wild Houston Restaurant Serves Some Of The Biggest Pizzas In Texas

When New York style meets Texas style.

You're ordering a pizza for you and your friends. And you know what? A large just isn't enough. So then, two larges must be ordered. But why can't they just make one double large pizza? Is that too much to ask for?! Not when you live in Texas, my dear victim-of-the-undersized-pizza-industry. Gotham Pizza in Houston's Midtown serves up 30" cheesy pizzas and they truly get us.

If you do a little plus and minus, a standard large pizza is 14 inches, and two larges would be 28 total inches. So a 30" pizza actually offers us more pizza for less the boxes and hassle. Score!

If that's a little too much cheese for your liking - what's wrong with you? Actually, you're probably the one who's in the right. Nonetheless, they also have a 24", 16", and 12" served in several different wonderful forms.

From Philly Cheese Steak Pizza to Margarita Pizza, there are plenty of New York-style dishes to enjoy. Speaking of New York style, they have a New York Cheesecake you have to try, along with the chocolate cake, carrot cake, and tiramisu. And what's an east coast pizza place without some pasta and calzones? They serve plenty of those too!

Their pizza is also sold by the slice for $10.99, and the 30" pizza goes up to $62.99. But split in between 5-6 friends, you're all only paying around $10 and I say that's worth it! 

Now, if you're looking for the biggest pizza to conquer in Texas, take a trip over to Big Lou's in San Antonio. But let Gotham be your trial run first to see if you can even handle that much lactose (side eyes).

Gotham Pizza stays open until 3 am on Friday and Saturday, and since we're boycotting Whataburger anyway (Are we? We should be.) this is the perfect, massive substitute. 

Gotham Pizza

Price: 💸💸

Address: 2204 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77002 

Why you need to go: It's time to up your pizza game with one of their many gumbo pizza pies or slices.