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This Halal Cafe In Houston Serves 18 Kinds Of Sandwiches And Massive Loaded Crepes

In Houston, we want burgers. We want crepes. And we want them huge. So we're always proud to find a place that makes the Houston food scene proud. Busy Boy Grill & Cafe in Houston serves huge burgers, sandwiches, and super tempting desserts, and you have to stop by to try them all ASAP.

Busy Boy stays busy with their 18 burger and sandwich options on the menu. They have everything from Crispy Chicken Burger to Mama's Meatball Sub, which is a definite must-try menu item.

They also have salads—if you're not feelin' the Texas-sized burgers. Their Mediterranean menu is vast with plate options of falafels, gyros, kababs, shawarma over rice, chicken alfredo, meatball pasta, Baba Ghanooj Eggplant, and paninis. There is truly something for everyone's tastes here at Busy Boy, so you will not be displeased.

The massive menu is 100% Zabiha Halal with delicious and fresh ingredients.

And yes, they serve chicken nuggets. Sometimes life is too busy to fight the chicken nugget craving.

Their hustle doesn't stop there. They don't slack when it comes to dessert and just slap a cookie and store-bought brownie on to the menu. Their dessert menu is intense, huge, and full of chocolate (ah, yeah!).

They have delicious crepe options like chocolate, s'mores (that may or may not have an ice cream cone on top of it), berry, apple cinnamon, and Knafa. And did I mention chocolate? Lots of chocolate.

For waffles, they serve em' with chocolate, fruit, brownies, and lotus cream. And don't forget that extra scoop of gelato on top! They also have milkshakes, smoothies, coffee, and tea.

You can stop by Busy Boy anytime during the week from brunch to late dinner. See their website for varying hours between their restaurant and cafe.

Busy Boy Grill & Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Address: 5722 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77036

Why you need to go: To try some massive chicken sandwiches, burgers, and lots of chocolate-coated dessert crepes and waffles.


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