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You Can Go Hang Gliding Over Scenic Texas Landscape Near Houston For Cheap

Whether you're just absolutely over sitting in traffic with these terrible drivers or you're just itching to channel your inner Airbender, every Houstonian could use some flying superpowers. And lucky for us, Cowboy Up Hang Gliding near Houston offers hang gliding over the city, and our dreams are finally coming true.

There are eight different flight experiences you can take with Cowboy Up—ranging from beginner to advanced.

Their Grand Flight is perfect for beginners, you'll go up to 1,000 feet in the air with your adrenaline-junkie instructor. 

And if you like that, you can level up with the Bucket Flight where you'll be allowed to steer the glider to get a taste of the full freedom.

You can take a flight up to 3,000 feet in the sky, and even try out motorized hang gliding, and take lessons to fly on your own. You'll be an Airbender in no time.

Normal flight prices range between $149-289.

However, the cheapest option that'll be sure to leave you hooked is the Grand Hang Gliding For One (or two) Flight through that starts at just $99.

Along with your flight, first-time riders will receive a crash course on how not to crash, your own certified instructor (because you're not trusted yet), and all the gear.

No experience is necessary for your first flight!

All flights are photographed or videotaped, because they get it—pics or it didn't happen, right?

And when you post them and get that concerned text from mom, you can reassure her that hang gliding is actually one of the safest forms of recreational aviation. You could have jumped out of a moving aircraft. Count your blessings.

Make sure you call ahead and reserve your slot to ensure you get to fly.

Hey Aang, you're not alone anymore.

Cowboy Up Hang Gliding

Original price: $149-289

Price: $99 with Groupon

Address: 714 Robert Vonderau Road, Wharton, TX 77488

Why you need to go: You get to taste true, free-as-a-bird exhilaration. It's like skydiving, without the whole falling part.


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