This Car Wash In Houston Doubles As A Haunted House This Month & People Are Loving It

Apparently it gets spookier than that rainbow soap.
GFY Car Wash In Houston Is Also A Haunted House For Halloween

I know they say Houstonians are always busy. But if this isn't enough proof that we don't have time for Halloween festivities and a car wash, then I don't know what is. All this month until Halloween, GFY Express Car Wash in Houston is transforming into a haunted car wash to make the otherwise-dull experience really worth your while.

Every Friday and Saturday (and some Sundays) until Nov. 2, you can take a ride through this spooky car wash from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

The wash will be filled with heavy smoke and spooky characters jumping out to surprise you and to try to get you to purchase that interior wash too - if you know what I mean.

This special wash is just $20—and you get a nice scrub and a few nightmares. Your car will be clean, but can't promise your soul won't need a little scrub afterward.

You can even take pictures with the scary characters after your wash in the vacuum bays. Don't worry, they don't bite. Or do they?

Lines to this car wash get excessively long, so make sure you're there before 10 p.m. to make sure you get to experience it. 

They encourage you to bring food and make an event out of it with your family and friends. Some of the characters will even peek through your windows or open your doors, so if you can't handle that — keep it locked! And make sure your headlines remain on — we don't need a clown murder on our hands.

Excessively dirty vehicles or trucks lifted over 7'2 won't be allowed in. (Have you seen how slow Zombies move? They don't have time for that.)

So that's cool. But, uh, yeah, can I get my seats cleaned too?

GFY Express Car Wash

Price: $20

Address: 20615 Kuykendahl Rd. Spring TX 77379

Why you need to go: Because it's productive and it's festive. And it's cheap.


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